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1994 and 1995 LT1 Tuning

How to get started:

  1. Get a cable to connect your PC to your car's computer. They are priced around $80. They are located at: http://www.moates.net.   If you already have an interface cable, you can try it.
  2. Get some free software to make sure everything is running correctly and to read out the current content of your car's PCM. Try the free scanner to check out your engine parameters in real time. Then run the PCM reader to create a .lt1 file from your PCM.
  3. E-mail us your .lt1 file and send in an order for the editor/programmer package. Current pricing for the package is $200 and up, depending on the options purchased. You can either mail us the order form and a money order, or scan in the order form, e-mail it to us and use PayPal. Once we receive your .lt1 file and a money order/PayPal, we will e-mail you the editor/programmer package. Now you're ready to edit your car's PCM.
  4. When you have new settings to try out, you are ready to re-program your car's PCM, and give it a spin. You can reprogram your car's PCM as many times as you like, with whatever settings you choose.
  5. Now to really tune things up, you will need the logging scanner to watch your engine's performance under all conditions. This tool will let you log all the vital engine parameters as you put the engine under all load conditions, and enable you to modify your tuning for maximum performance! It will also show you all the diagnostic trouble codes, and let you know when they occurred. So fire up the logging scanner, take your car to the strip, and record what she'll do! Use the log to improve your times or just impress your friends!

Free software:

Once you've got the cable hardware, you will need some free software to check things out. Here are two freeware tools that will help you along

  • Want to see what your car is doing in real time? Try our free scanner for your car. Download the program, and run it on your Win98/Win NT Pentium 133+ or AMD computer that is connected to your vehicles Diagnostic Connector, and you are up and running. pcmcomm.exe. Here is the user's guide for this software: pcmcomm.html. (here is the readme file for pcmcomm readme.) The free version will only show the current values of these engine parameters on the screen. Want to enhance your scanner by logging your runs?? (Show your friends your top speed, and time to reach it) or display all those pesky Diagnostic Trouble Codes? Go to the order form and place your order for the logging scanner. Here's how you select the data rate datarun and here is a sample output log log_run.txt
  • Of course, you have to see what is already inside of your PCM. So here is a tool that will let you download the contents of your car's PCM to your PC pcmread.exe. Use this to read out the contents of your PCM. Here is the user's guide for this software: pcmread.txt

Tune it up:

Now that you've read out the contents of your PCM, you are ready to purchase the tools you need to start tuning up your car's performance. The software includes the LT-1 editor, and the PCM programmer. Here is user's guide for LT1-edit LT1_Edit Users guide.

(Here is some older information from another website about the editor and programmer: LT1_Edit - THE Editor for your F, B, or Y body Car!.

 To order the LT-1 editor/programmer package, click here to go to our Order Form. Before you place an order, you must read and agree to the END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT

E-mail us your .lt1 file, and go buy the editor, and start tuning!! We will review your .lt1 file for:

  • Ensuring that it is a valid file, and the download was successful.
  • Verifying your PC/Cable setup to make sure you had an error free download.
  • Verifying the compatibility between your PCM and our toolset.
  • Configuring the editor to work with your PCM.

Here are the main features in the expert editor editor_features

Any questions about the editor?? Just ask PCMdoc@surfree.com

Burn it in:

Now you've got your tuned up program. Time to reprogram the PCM in your car. Fire up the PCM programmer software (you did order it, didn't you?), plug your PC into your vehicle's Diagnostic Connector, and watch it go. Once it's done, you'll need to power down the PCM (turn off the ignition), and you're off and running. Take you car out and see what it will do!

Now you will need the logging scanner to record your improvements, or to understand where you need to do more tuning. This software will let you record all the major engine parameters under all engine conditions. So, take a run, look at the results, and tune it until you like your results. The latest version of the scanner will let you log your engine parameters up to 10 times per second.

Odds and Ends:


LT1-edit runs on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.  Minimum hardware requirements are a Pentium 133 or AMD processor with at least 32MB RAM. You will also need one available USB or serial port on the PC.  This is used for the ALDL converter.


If for some reason your laptop loses your LT1-edit software, during your software update period we can re-ship it to you at no cost.  After your software update period expires, there will be a handling charge for software re-ships.

Do you have a 96 LT1 and want to use a 94/95 PCM to run it? Yes you can! It works fine. Here is a link to what you have to do: OBDII to OBDI Conversion.htm. This page came from the camaroz28.com Bulletin Board.

What are people saying about us? Here is a sample from the CamaroZ28.com message board. The CamaroZ28.Com Bulletin Board (the message board can be found at http://www.camaroz28.com/messagebd/)


We have found at least one aftermarket laptop automobile DC power supply that could destroy any cabling between the laptop and the vehicle. This power supply connects the laptop ground to the vehicle's battery +12. Any cable connected from this laptop to the under-dash connector could have +12 volts put across its ground connectors. There are two conditions you must be cautious about. 1) If you are powering the laptop from a DC power supply plugged into the vehicle, then the laptop ground could be held at a voltage above or below vehicle ground. 2) If you are powering the laptop from a wall outlet and also have the vehicle on a battery charger, then the laptop ground could be held at a voltage above or below vehicle ground. If you are unsure about your laptop power supply, you MUST measure whether there is any voltage on the laptop ground measured against the vehicle ground.

Any questions about the programmer?? Just ask info@carputing.com

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