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Thank you to all of our customers.  Ken and Dave have really enjoyed creating the tuning tools you asked for.  We are running low on cables these days, and Ken and Dave will slowly head towards retirement.  We will continue to support our existing customers, and offer upgrades and new licenses, but once we are out of cables we will no longer be selling new setups.  Thanks again for all of your support.




The 2016's out, and we have the tools to tune them!  We currently support 2016 vehicles that use the E38,E67 and E92 ECM's to control their engines..

Click on the link at the top for information on tuning your vehicle.

We are proud to celebrate our 16th year of providing tuning tools for GM engines!!


We are currently running a LS1 "Winter Special" for the unlimited-PCM setups. As always, there is NO charge for shipping within the U.S., and we ship Fed Ex 2 day air.

Have you purchased a number of PCM-locked LS1-edit setups?  Ready to trade up to the unlimited package?  We do offer trade-ins discounts.  For each PCM-locked setup that YOU purchased, trade it in for a 50% credit of your license price towards any unlimited package.  Please note that you must have been the initial purchaser for this trade-in credit.

Click on the hyperlink below for information on editing your engine's controller:

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