List updated 3/14/2000


  • Pcmcomm.exe Version 4.0

    Added command line parameters. If you add command line options to your shortcut for pcmcomm, you can set the default values for a number of choices. All command line options start with a dash '-', and a single letter (such as c or d or l), and sometimes followed by a number or directory name. Note the command line options have no spaces in them, only spaces between different command line options. The command line options are:

    -lDefaultLoggingDirectory Sets the default directory for creating logging files.

    -cDefaultLogCommsDirectory Sets the default directory for creating communications logging files

    -d Sets the default value for 'display all communications' to be true

    -pDefaultComPort Sets the default COM port (COM port can be 1,2,3 or 4)

    A sample set of options could be: -d -lC: -p1 -cC:\temp

  • Pcmcomm.exe Version 4.208
  • Added support for 94-95 Caprice LT-1's