1. First off is to find you an OBDI computer.

  1. Now you need to order or get some more parts:

  1. Well now you probably have all the parts, so now it is time to have fun with the car. 

  2. First off unhook the negative post of the battery.

  3. Jack up the car, and put on jack stands.

  4. Pop the hood, and disconnect the driver's side oxygen sensor hook up connector on the back of the engine.  On the back of the head on the drivers side, you should see the connector, it looks just like the one on the new oxygen sensors.  Make sure and get the connector out of its holder!!!

  5. Crawl under the car on the drivers side, with a ratchet, oxygen sensor socket, an extension, and a swivel.  

  6. Find the oxygen took a little bit of time, but to find it crawl all the way back until you are on the back side of the catalytic converter.  The oxygen sensor is right on top of it, and should be able to be seen, but just barely. 

  7. Remove the driver's side oxygen sensor, and replace with a new one.

  8. Now roll yourself over to the other side of the car, and where the two exhaust pipes start inching their way back to one, you should see the back driver's side oxygen sensor.  This needs to be unplugged, and then wire tied back to each other, but not connected.

  9. Now roll on back some more to the back of the passenger's side catalytic converter.

  10. Right behind it, you should be able to locate the back oxygen sensor for the passenger side.  

  11. Disconnect this sensor and wire tie these two back together, unconnected.

  12. Now for the fun part!!!

  13. You need to roll back to the front of the car, and on the passenger's side locate and disconnect the front passenger's side oxygen sensor.  This sounds easy, but is very tight on the arms, at least on mine.  Make sure and get the connector out of its holder!!!

  14. I now had to get some help.  I had to have some one put the socket on the oxygen sensor, from the top, and me down below, had to go between the air conditioner, with a ratchet, long extension, and swivel, and connect them together.  This is the hardest part.

  15. Once you get this oxygen sensor out, have fun getting the new back in, which is just reverse order :)

  16. Now you need to roll back to where the driver's side exhaust pipe run behind the engine, where the back oxygen sensor was on the driver's side.  You should be able to look on the passenger's side of the block and see the knock sensor.  You need a deep well 7/8 socket to get it out, and then needs to be put back in with 14 lbs of torque.  Plan on loosing a little bit of coolant, depending on how fast you are with putting the new knock sensor in.

  17. Well the under the car part is done.

  18. You need to now get the screw out that hold the computer down.  The computer is the silver box on the back engine area on the passenger's side.

  19. Once you have pulled the computer up, with ease, carefully remove the red clips, and carefully remove the color coded connections to the computer.

  20. ** Only if you bought the LT4 knock module **  Look on the back of the new computer, and see the screws, their are two of them holding this little plate on.  Take those screws out, and pull the plate off.  Now easily pull the white chip out, and put the new LT4 chip in, and reassemble.

  21. Put the new computer in, connect the connectors, put red clips back in, slide into place, and put the screws back in.

  22. Hook the battery up, and you are done.

Due to popular belief the computer does not have to be re-programmed for your specific car.  The swap talked about is being done WITHOUT a reprogrammed PCM (by somebody like MMC or Ed Wright).  Since most people don't buy an OBD-I PCM just to put it in the car "stock" I think it's important to mention this. i.e., most people buy the OBD-I PCM because it more easily accepts cam changes and other modifications beyond the normal bolt-ons and can be reprogrammed for more specific mods. When it's reprogrammed, one would not have to change out the knock sensor.

If you have any questions email me at Dan96Z28@hotmail.com