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2005 - 2014 LS2 Carputing LLC Order Form

E/TCM-Locked Versions

Please print this form, fill it out, and mail to:      Carputing LLC.
                                                                              27 Delray Drive

                                                                              Haverhill, MA. 01832

or you can scan the SIGNED and COMPLETED order form and email it to us at:
(Payment can be made by money order payable to Carputing LLC, or through PayPal) 




Price Each


LS2 E/TCM Editor/Programmer Package, locked to 1 PCM



1-year Update Service (1st 6 months from purchase, are free)

add $50





Each Additional PCM (can add up to 3) (You MUST also purchase the update service if it has been more than 6 months since your initial purchase, or more than 1 year since your last software Update Service purchase.) add $100 each  

Handling fee, applies if you ONLY order an additional PCM license

(there is no handling fee if this order includes the LS1/LS6 base package)

add $50


(International shipping, please add $50 for Fed Ex International)



(all prices are in U.S. $)



Please fill in the following:
Name:                                   Street Address:

City:                                      State:                    ZIP Code:

Phone Number:                                                 Email Address:

Vehicle:  Model ____________ Year __________ Engine________ Transmission ____

Additional vehicles:  Model __________ Year ______  Engine______ Transmission ____

                       Model __________ Year ______  Engine______ Transmission ____

Is your PCM professionally tuned? _________  How did you hear about LS2-edit? ______

To complete the order, by signing the line below, you certify that you have read and agree to the  END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT. Please print it for your records.

Name                                                                Date

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