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You've got a new LS1 or LS6 engine in your 1997-2005 GM car or 99-07 GM truck. You've made some great modifications and added some HOT parts to improve its performance. Are you getting the performance you expected? Have you reprogrammed your car's computer? NO?


LS1-edit and LT1-edit are the number one tuning tools for GM V8 engines.  Tune your car or truck with the same tuning tool that the pros use.  LS1-edit and LT1-edit are used by professionals around the world to tune some of the fastest LS1 and LT1 based cars and trucks.  We are always getting requests from people looking for local tuners using LS1-edit and can tune their car for them.  We have received permission from the following professional tuners to post their name and web address information.  Click HERE for some LS1-edit and LT1-edit professional tuners.

Here's everything you need to reprogram your car's computer (also known as your car's Powertrain Control Module - PCM).


Latest News

We are currently running a "Winter Special" for the unlimited-PCM setups. As always, there is NO charge for shipping within the U.S., and we ship Fed Ex 2 day air.

Have you purchased a number of PCM-locked LS1-edit setups?  Ready to trade up to the unlimited package?  We do offer trade-ins discounts.  For each PCM-locked setup that YOU purchased, trade it in for a 50% credit of your license price towards any unlimited package.  Please note that you must have been the initial purchaser for this trade-in credit.

We have recently released version 1.5 of LS1-edit.  Here are the new features in version 1.5  1.5_Update    We have recently released version 2.2 of LT1-edit (for 94/95/96/97 LT1/LT4 cars).  Here are the new features in LT1-edit version 2.2 LT1Edit_update_2.2

LS1-edit is completed for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 trucks for bench top programming.  We are working to finish up the in-vehicle programming capabilities.  At this time, you can program the PCM in the vehicle only if it is electrically isolated from the rest of the vehicle.  This can be done with a small harness available from www.speartech.com.  Once we have in-vehicle programming capability completed all 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 truck customers will receive the new software.

We have the tools to let you program the PCM for the following GM engines:

1994/1995 5.7L LT1 and 4.3L L99  (engine code P and W)

1996/1997 5.7L LT1, LT4 and L99   (engine code P, 5 and W)

1997-2004 5.7L LS1   (engine code G)

2001-2005 5.7L LS6   (engine code S)

1999-2007 4.8L LR4, 6.0L LQ4, and 5.3L LM7  (engine codes U, V, and T)

2001-2007 8.1L L18, 5.7L L31, and 4.3L L35 V6 (engine codes R, G, and W) 

2002-2007 6.0L LQ9, 5.3L FFV, and 4.3L LU3 V6  (engine codes N, Z, and X)

2003-2007 5.3L LM4 and 8.1L L18 (engine codes P and  E)

1999-2005 Holden 5.7L   (engine code F)

1999-2005 Non-US Caprice SS and Lumina SS 5.7L LS1  (engine code F)

(In the U.S. the engine code is the 8th digit in the VIN, for 99-02 Holdens, it is the 9th digit, for 03-04 Holdens it is the 8th digit)

Click on the hyperlink below for information on editing your PCM:

2005-12 LS2-edit    1994/1995 LT1-Edit    1996/1997 LT1/LT4-Edit  97-06 LS1 cars + trucks  1999-2005 Holden LS1


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