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1999-2005 Holden LS1-edit

Carputing LLC, offers  LS1-edit for Holden 5.7L engines.

We are currently shipping version 1.5 of LS1-edit.  Here are the new features in version 1.5: 1.5_Update

Here is a small list of the capabilities of LS1-edit: LS1 Feature List

Any questions about the editor capabilities?? Just ask PCMdoc@surfree.com

The editor even gives you 3D graphs for viewing your tuning setups


Here is the user's guide for LS1-edit. It is an MS-Word file stored in a zipped format (WinZip is one tool that will unzip it for you. this zipped version is still nearly 400kb) LS1-edit.doc.zip


YEARS and ENGINES supported:

LS1-edit works with 99-05 Holden 5.7L car engines



With your laptop, LS1-edit provides everything you need to tune your car. Our package includes the OBD-II cable for your vehicle, the Cable Interface Module, the USB cable to your laptop, and the software to read, program, and edit your PCM on your laptop. Mailing via air is even included to U.S. locations, shipping outside the U.S. is extra.





We are currently shipping both the unlimited-PCM version and the PCM-locked version of LS1-edit. Both are in-stock. Upon receipt of fully paid orders, we ship within 2 business days.

We have also simplified the ordering process. Since we include everything, once you place your order, we ship the entire package. You do not need to get a separate cable and read the PCM ahead of time. One step, and you've got it.

Ready to order? Here is a link to the LS1 order form for PCM-locked purchases: LS1 Holden PCM-locked Order Form

Interested in ordering the unlimited-PCM version of LS1-edit? Here is pricing: Holden Unlimited Order Form.

If you already have the unlimited-PCM version of LS1-edit and want to add new years or models, here is the pricing: Holden Unlimited Upgrade Form.



LS1-edit runs on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.  Minimum hardware requirements are a Pentium 200 or AMD processor with at least 32MB RAM. You will also need one available USB port on the PC.  This is used for the OBD-II to USB converter we provide.

One word of caution: if you want to add additional PCM's for LS1's at a later date, you will need to return the Cable Interface Module to us for updating.



Please note that there are no editing functionality differences between the unlimited and locked versions of LS1-edit. The difference in these products is that the locked version will limit the number of PCM's you are able to tune.

The PCM-locked version of LS1-edit can license between 1 and 4 PCM's. After 4 licenses, you will need to purchase an additional LS1-edit package.

A word of warning: Please only program your PCM using an LS1 file that was read from your specific PCM. Do not try to program your PCM with an LS1 file from a different PCM. To minimize programming time, we do not completely reprogram the PCM, only the data segments. If you use a different LS1 file, the data in the LS1 file may not match the code already stored in the PCM. If you attempt this, you may end up with a PCM that is non-operational.

If for some reason your laptop loses your LS1-edit software, during your software update period we can re-ship it to you at no cost.  After your software update period expires, there will be a handling charge for software re-ships.


We have found at least one aftermarket laptop automobile DC power supply that could destroy any cabling between the laptop and the vehicle. This power supply connects the laptop ground to the vehicle's battery +12. Any cable connected from this laptop to the under-dash connector could have +12 volts put across its ground connectors. There are two conditions you must be cautious about. 1) If you are powering the laptop from a DC power supply plugged into the vehicle, then the laptop ground could be held at a voltage above or below vehicle ground. 2) If you are powering the laptop from a wall outlet and also have the vehicle on a battery charger, then the laptop ground could be held at a voltage above or below vehicle ground. If you are unsure about your laptop power supply, you MUST measure whether there is any voltage on the laptop ground measured against the vehicle ground.

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